This area of the West Midlands Schools of Tae Kwon-Do (WMST) website is designed to help you with your training and provide you with the relevant information required for each grading from white belt all the way through to black belt, including general class and line work exercises. Please use the navigation on the left to view the sections you require for you appropriate grades.

Tae Kwon-Do terminology is based on the Korean language, however some words were developed specifically for Tae Kwon-Do, and do not appear in the Korean vocabulary. Using these terms enable students to train anywhere in the world, over coming all languages difficulties.

You will also find a lot of other useful information and resources (more coming soon!) here to help you get the maximum benefit from being a student Tae Kwon-Do. If you wish to see anything added to this section of the website please feel free to contact the Webmaster.

Feel free to print out any sections you wish to keep safe.